Rewriting narratives of consumption. Our ethos is grounded in the principles of cruelty-free production, ensuring that every ingredient bears the imprint of compassion and respect for both nature and those who cultivate it. Without compromising convenience, price or flavour.

Cafaberry coffee bars are made using the entire coffee cherry - both the bean and the husk. This approach repurposes what would otherwise be discarded - cascara, - generates additional revenue for the farmers and ensures the production process does not create waste.

Health benefits come hand in hand with sustainability - cascara is rich in fiber and antioxidants, offering a positive boost to the performance of the body and the brain.

Our mission is to demonstrate that what might sound like lofty ideals can become tangible realities, and that by prioritizing ethical sourcing and production methods, we can create products that nourish both body and conscience. We hope Cafaberry will stand as an example that sustainability isn't an aspiration or luxury—it's an imperative.

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